STOL Competition

From 14-17 June, Knokke-Heist will write a new page in its history of aviation, when planes, both vintage and modern, will land on the beach in a STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) competition. The pilots will try to land and take off as slowly and accurately as possible on the sand, trying to establish the shortest combined distance. This world-first STOL competition on a beach may even create some new world records. Whatever the case may be, the event guarantees to deliver the unique and unexpected!

The competition is simple. The winner in each category is defined as the combination (adding together) of take-off and landing distance (a cycle). The take-off distance is measure from the aircraft fully stopped to the point at which the main wheels leave the ground the last time. The landing is the distance measured from the main wheels of the aircraft at a complete stop from the arrival line. If the aircraft touches before the arrival line, then that ‘cycle’ is voided. See video below for more info.

There are multiple categories for participating planes, each coming with a prize thanks to our sponsors or partners. See below for all categories and prizes.



Categories and Prizes


Vintage Biplane
(pre 1959)

World Concierge3 Month Discovery Package
Give yourself a moment of serenity, by World -Concierge

1. Bernard Van Milders (11) - 117.90m
2. Aaron Cabooter (22) - 158.20m

Vintage Monoplane
(pre 1959)

Zoute Air TrophyFree entry to the next Zoute Air Trophy

Benoit Mendes (123) - 136.70m


North Sea Aviation CenterOne year free hangarage at NSAC

1. Peter Jorga (147) - 34.30m
2. Kamil Skorupski (204) - 38.90m
3. Lieven Lavaert (269)- 84.40m

>500KG <751KG

diamond aircraftFree flight with a DA62

1. Eamonn Fogarty(268) - 82.10m

3-Axis Aeroplane

Zoute Air TrophyFree entry to the next Zoute Air Trophy

1. Jean-Louis Schlesser (18) - 28.30m
2. Eric Grare-Berthault (28) - 30.50m
3. Luc Coesens (27) - 34.91


HelimoHelicopter sightseeing tour

Jo Stahler

Zoute Air Trophy Champion
(combined with another category)

Napoleon GamesPrizes not yet determined.

Additional prizes:


Youngest pilot

bafaA flight with Miss Belgium 2018, Miss Angeline Flor Pua.

Olivier Vermeersch

Oldest pilot

Gaugin A stocked Gaugin Bar

Jean-Louis Schlesser

Oldest plane
(date of first registration)

flyinggroup A flight in the oldest Belgium-built Stampe SV4, and a guided tour of FlyingGroup’s facilities at Antwerp Airport

Aaron Cabooter

Biggest plane
(Maximum Take Off Weight)

The Aviation FactoryMetal scale model of the P51 Mustang ‘SCAT VII’ + discount voucher for Mustang or Fouga Magister flight.

Jo Stahler

Furthest travelled
(state of residence of pilot)

Brouwerij Van SteenbergeThree Magnums

Eric Grare-Berthault

(most likes for their team on our Facebook page)

Vintage Air Rally A role with the VintageAirRally

Best Lady Pilot

QuinoaA voucher value of EUR 1,500 on the land arrangements for a tailor made holiday to one of our Asian, Africa ou Latin American destinations.

Inge Van Wassenhove


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