Knokke Zoute International Airport Runway 25/07 Zoute Radio #130.825 KHz

Advice to Pilots


  • Zoute Air Trophy Minimum Equipment List (MEL) is complete
  • Careful consideration should be taken regarding the Restricted Airspace around Zeebrugge Port and the proximity of the Amsterdam FIR Boundary (EHAA)
  • Read Zoute Air Trophy Competition Rules
  • PPR – Through Zoute Air Trophy Registration
  • Please choose and note your SLOT time, and try to hit it as accurately as possible.  Check airport opening times before choosing.
  • All aircraft joining Knokke Zoute International Airport are requested to adhere to the advice from Zoute Radio.
  • Low passes, aerobatic flights, formation flights are not permitted
  • VFR weather minima apply for the operation of the Knokke Zoute International Airport (KZIA) with a horizontal visibility of 5000m and a maximum cross wind component of 10 kts. The METAR and TAF for EBOS may be helpful in planning/preparation but it is of course some distance away.
  • Nothing in this Advice absolves the Pilot in Command from his responsibilities for the safe operation of his aircraft and the safety of his crew and passengers. Good airmanship must be observed at all times.


  • Mandatory arrival target is Point West (51°23’N and 003°13’ E) at 1300’
  • Call Zoute Radio on 130.825 KHz with 3 minutes to run to Point West reporting ETA overhead Point West and Altitude.
  • Overhead joins direct to the airfield are not permitted
  • Use Zoute Air Trophy Registration Number (for example: “Trophy 25”) (not A/C registration)
  • Proceed, as advised, to the beginning of the downwind leg of the circuit at 1000' AGL (circuit is to the north of the runway 25R / 07L, over the sea)
  • First Downwind call should indicate aircraft intention – ‘left/right hand downwind full stop’.
  • Aircraft should be stabilised on Final by 500m before the threshold.
  • Calls to Ostende are not required unless entering Ostende TMA or in an emergency.
  • If a Go-Around is required regain circuit height (1000 ft) and follow the circuit pattern or, if advised by Zoute Radio, reposition for Point West from the north and re-call Zoute Radio as above.

On the ground:

  • On landing, proceed as advised by Zoute Radio to the Apron or direct to the Prop Shut Down Area
  • The Apron is a transit / holding area for short duration use only
  • Pilot, crew and passengers should remain in aircraft on the Apron
  • Aircraft should move from the Apron as directed to the Prop Shut Down Area.
  • Absolutely No Smoking 

Prop Shut Down Area:

  • Aircraft are to be shut down before being moved into the Parking Area
  • No change of pax or crew whilst props turning
  • All further movement on Parking Area by hand
  • Prop starting or stopping is in Prop Area only
  • Absolutely No Smoking

Aircraft Parking:

  • Long Term Parking – on dry sand up ramps is available
  • Drip blankets to be used
  • Tie downs to be used by all aircraft at all times
  • Observe the directions of the Parking Marshals
  • Absolutely No Smoking

Pilot Reception:

  • Once aircraft are secure in the Parking Area (tie-downs), Pilots should report to the Pilot Reception Desk collocated with the Border Control , and complete the Log Book.
  • Zoute Air Trophy stickers will be issued

International flights:



  • Pushed by hand to Prop Start Area
  • Call to Radio Operator for taxi advice and departure details before engine start.
  • Engine start in Prop Start Area only, after approval by Parking Team
  • No crew/pax change after prop start
  • Departure calls – Call for ‘VFR departure to (destination)’ or for ‘Competition Circuit Cycle’
  • Aircraft leaving Zoute Airport for other destinations are to leave to the south only (landwards - no flight over the sea), at 1000ft AGL or above (noting Controlled Airspace) avoiding built-up areas.

Competition Air Traffic Procedure:

Emergency - Air:

  • Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.
  • Divert or Ditch in water, not on beach.
  • Divert as required in case of Zoute Airfield closure

Emergency - Ground:

  • Shut a/c down
  • Advise Radio Operator immediately
  • Unless aircraft evacuation is required (fire), remain with aircraft
  • Await instructions


  • No fuel is available at the Knokke-Heist International Airport


Terms and Conditions presented at time of registration apply :  



All aircraft must carry the following equipment at all times:

  1. MEL as regulated for both aircraft and pilot
  2. All legally required equipment and paperwork
  3. Decal affixed correctly to fuselage – to be provided on arrival at Knokke Zoute International Airport
  4. Tie Down system complete (of choice, but compatible with sand, perhaps sandbags, spade, rope, ‘screws’ etc.?)
  5. Lifejackets, minimum one/person
  6. Oil drip tray/blanket
  7. Hi-Vis vest, minimum one/person
  8. Tow bar if possible (advised)
  9. Aircraft with MTOW over 2T must bring (or have available at the beach) a towbar and if a lot over 2T, some means of towing.



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